Faint Abstraction, takes ordinary woven favorites and converts them into knitted wardrobe staples with a light, asymmetrical twist. 

Photography: Luba Kozorezova
Model: Polina Zernova
Make Up: Masha Vorslav
Styling: Allison Aniskina + Lara Pawade

SHIFTED BASICS is a capsule collection consisting of contemporary hand-knitted pieces with emphasis on asymmetry. The designs gently experiment with juxtapositioned texture and color, creating elegant and uneven silhouettes.

Photography: Polina Solodkaya
Styling: Erica Siegel
Models: Ekaterina Dyurr + Madlen Ukachukvu

EROSION, the process of soil and rock deteriorating from the Earth’s surface by the forces of wind and water, influenced this collection. It is a slow, steady, natural process and the collection reflects that with it’s gradual evolution of fabric and stitch manipulations. The designs start off simple, with clean stitches and straight silhouettes; as the collection advances it becomes more complex and irregular. The use of uneven textures applied with nuno felting techniques creates the disintegrated feeling at the end of the collection.